Candle Snuffer 24cm


Candle Snuffer – 24cm

Use our Candle Snuffer to extinguish your Candle. It’s the safest way to prevent hot wax splatters.

Put out your candles in style with this charming candle snuffer. It’s safer and easier than blowing out a candle, which can cause accidental damage to your home or candle.

Blowing out taper candles can lead to messy accidents, causing the hot wax to spray all over your home surfaces. You can also end up with lots of smoke when blowing out candles, overpowering the aroma of a scented candle. Blowing out candles in a container can cause the wick to become buried in the wax and be damaged, or create a build-up of soot in the container.

To avoid these potential accidents and annoyances, use a candle snuffer to extinguish your candles instead! Place the bell over the flame, being careful not to submerge it into the wax, and wait until the flame goes out. After hovering the bell over the flame, you may notice a small wisp of smoke, which means the flame has been safely extinguished – with no splattered wax!

The perfect Christmas gift for any candle lover.

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